Fishing: Then, Now, and Looking At Next Year

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As I sit here reflecting on my past guiding season, the memories of outings, friends, clients, and all the crazy things that goes with a guide’s life makes a man smile. Many days on Mille lacs chasing my favorite fish the Smallmouth, watching friends and clients catch their first trophy, especially the younger generation. Big smiles all around. We put many 20 to 22 inch bass in the boat. Mille lacs is truly a one of a kind fishery.

Closer to home Pool 4 of the Mississippi also a amazing fishery, I still remember the first big walleye IU caught in 1979 on a jig I tied with squirrel tail. I met many River Rats back in the late 70s and early 80s that showed me many spots and techniques to catch fish.

Things were different back then, a 20hp motor was big in the day, trolling motors lacked power and no ‘spotlock’. We would anchor, cast, pull anchor, reset, and do it all over and over again. Drifting sections downstream through fish producing areas if we caught fish we would do it again. No ‘spotlock’, no electronics and no ‘livescope’. We learned the river from trial and error and how to read the water.

The River was less crowed then, we didn’t have internet reports, YouTube and other social media if we wanted to know if they were biting, we just went fishing. Times have certainly changed. The Panfish fishing has definitely improved over the years, we caught Slab Crappies, Big Gills and trophy Perch over the past few years. Many of my clients had a blast on these multi fishing trips. Drop shot minnows and dragging light jigs and half a crawler made for many tasty meals.

Now is the time to contact me about booking a trip with me either on Mille lacs or Pool 4 of the Mississippi, to do this go to the contact page and send me a request and I will get back to you ASAP and we can discuss your trip! Take care Be safe and see you on the River.

Captain Tim Mathiese

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